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The deadline? We need all Classical Comeback submissions in by the 22nd of May 2015.

We want to give everyone the chance to make the best possible music video.
Here’s your last chance to enter! Extended deadline: 19 June 2015

Download music


Overture from 'Ruslan and Lyudmila’

Overture from 'Ruslan and Lyudmila’, Glinka’s second opera. The plot was based on a poem by Alexander Pushkin, regarded as the founder of Russian literature.


Adagietto – 4th Movement from Symphony No.5

Mahler's most famous composition and the most frequently performed of his works. You might recognise the Adagietto from the ‘Death in Venice’ film.


Overture William Tell,

The overture of Rossini’s last opera is still alive well after 1829. It is inseparably associated with The Lone Ranger and even Stanley Kubrick decided to use it in A Clockwork Orange. These usages made it part of the tropes of popular culture.


Symphony No. 9.

Beethoven’s final complete symphony and one of the best known pieces of classical music.


Symphony No. 4, finale: Allegro con fuoco

Tchaikovsky’s 4th Symphony was the result of both his Russian as Western influences. He included a popular folksong in the last movement: In the Field Stood a Birch Tree.

This music is only available to download when participating for the Classical Comeback Awards.
This music can only be used when signing the legal agreement, available when registered.

Shoot & edit

Keep these five rules in mind when shooting your music video:

Be short. No longer than 3 minutes, the video has to appeal to the critical attention span of audiences today.

Be relevant. The visual part of the video must express the emotion of the classical music. We want to see music videos, no short films.

Be respectful. Music must be integral; the original music compositions we’re providing must be used. No excessive remixing.

Be disruptive The visuals need to stand out from the usual YouTube video streams.

Be proud. Your contribution is part of a noble cause to give classical music the audience it deserves.


tech specs
Please use the 5 music pieces, for which we have cleared the rights.
Please respect a max size of 1 GB and export as a mov.

Click the following button to download the text you should put on the final frame.


Jury round

The jury will gather during extensive and fatiguing sessions, aiming to reward the best videos. The winner of the Classical Comeback Award will be announced the 27th of May 2015. We’re glad to introduce you:

Raf Reyntjens

Raf Reyntjens

Raf has been working a short eternity as a director. His short films and commercials have been applauded and celebrated all over the world. The last couple of years he has produced Belgian sensation Stromae’s video clips 'Peace or Violence' and 'Papaoutai’. The last one managed to rack up 80 million YouTube views. The Classical Comeback (Dvořák - Symphony No. 9 Allegro con fuoco) was his last stint at music videos, as he is currently focusing on his first feature film.

Sam De Bruyn

Sam De Bruyn

Sam claims to be a badass radio/party-dj and more. He is one of the biggest radio presenters in Belgium. He works at the alternative radio station STUBRU and has been the host in various programs on national TV.

I want a music video to be original and unique. As a viewer, you need to experience something like never before. I expect a clear concept behind the video, which links to the music in an interesting way. Gratuitous clips are boring. In an ideal scenario, the music video makes the music even better, and vice versa.

Chereen Gajadin

Chereen Gayadin

Chereen is Senior Talent & Music Manager of MTV Benelux. Like no other she can identify ‘the next big thing’ in the music and music video industry.

I judge based on originality, relevance & the surprising factor.

Bob Permentier

Bob Permentier

Bob is part of the National Orchestra of Belgium and B-classic’s artistic director. Under his artistic direction, B-classic has evolved into the non-classical classical music festival it is today.

In assessing the "Classical Comeback Clips" I value great importance to the extent in which the young talents succeed in communicating classical music towards a young audience and how they’ll penetrate into those youngsters’ (visual) world. I am curious about the style clash between the music and the images. For me it’s important that the images are based on or reflect the music. This can be done in all sorts of ways: rhythm, dynamics… or even through substantial synergies. I am very curious about the connection between creativity and originality directors should make.


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Land yourself a job at CAVIAR, a multinational production company with offices in Brussels, Los Angeles, Paris, Amsterdam, London and Prague. Each office has a slightly different forte, whether it’s the comedic virals coming from the Los Angeles office or award winning dramatic television coming from Brussels. CAVIAR is offering a young director seat for the winner or the 2015 Classical Comeback Award.