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About B‑Classic

Classical music is no longer static or serious. B-Classic is an innovative Belgian classical music festival that leverages the power of classical music to engage new audiences -- without compromising on quality.

B-Classic wants to give classical music the same recognition as pop and rock music. That's why we are proud to announce The Classical Comeback: a new music video format that combines the timeless emotion of classical music with the visual talent of a contemporary director.

This year’s B-classic festival is all about Slavonic dances. That is why the first Classical Comeback is an ode to the man who is known as the godfather of Slavonik dance music: Antonín Leopold Dvořák. The Czech composer wrote his famous New World symphony in New York, where he was welcomed as a superstar. Everywhere he went, the atmosphere changed and people would be ecstatic. When his symphony was published, conductors and orchestras all over the world picked it up.

Raf Reyntjens shot B-classic’s first Classical Comeback video in South Korea. Where the local Wayeva group performed their unique choreography on Dvorak’s New World. Asia today is what America was 100 years ago: the new world. Great composers like Dvorak did write their music for everyone. Their goal was to give people a break, let them escape from reality and to move them.


The Classical Comeback Video is a creative format open to anyone as long as the submission follows these five rules:

Be short. No longer than 5 minutes, the video has to appeal to the critical attention span of audiences today.

Be relevant. The visual part of the video must express the emotion of the classical music.

Be respectful. Music must be integral; original music compositions must be used. No excessive remixing.

Be disruptive. The visuals need to stand out from the usual YouTube video streams.

Be proud. Your contribution is part of a noble cause to give classical music the audience it deserves.


Do you need more info on contributing? Have your own Classical Comeback video to submit? Drop us a line: